Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two Weeks Under His Belt

For those of you wondering what I finally decided to do with my little man Tony, here is a photo of him at pick up time during his first week of Kindergarten at Valley View, our local public school.

So far, he absolutely loves it and I feel comfortable that I made a good decision. We are calling this "Kindergarten 1", and he knows that he will be going to Sacred Heart next year for "Kindergarten 2."

Only time will tell if this was the right thing to do, but as parents all we can do is the very best we know how to do at any given moment...and for me, this was it.

Thanks to you all for your willingness to share your opinions and experiences in this matter--ulitmately, it was all of your comments that let me to my decision.


Anonymous said...

Really cute. I always say that to myself - "you're making the best decision with the information you have right now..." It takes the pressure off of being "perfect" and helps to move forward. Way to many decisions to be perfect with parenting!!


Bianca said...

Wonderful news! It gives him the groundwork of what to know/expect for next year. Besides it is a half day program which is better when they are younger anyways. :-)

Sarah said...

Mr Tony looks so cute and getting so big. He will do awesome in K1 and K2. Love Sarah