Tuesday, August 24, 2010

At Last It Has Arrived

This year we officially gave up the pretense--we are not a soccer family, or a baseball family or a basketball family. We have participated in those sports in the past only to kill time until the real action begins, so this year we didn't bother. We just waited. Patiently. And now it's time!

Last night Joey and Sam both opened their season with a scrimmage and did pretty well. They missed some blocks, they were not perfect, but overall it seems that we are in for a great season. Both boys are playing first string offense, Joey at Tight End and Sam at Tackle. This is a huge accomplishment for Joey in particular, as he has worked hard for two years to have a chance on the starting line. Joey is also starting Defensive End and loving it. Jay caught this action in particular last night:

This is Joey charging the running back behind the line of scrimmage. He completed the tackle, resulting in a loss of 5 or 6 yards for Palmdale. Good times, good times.

This, of course, is Sam. He shows a lot of promise and has no fear, so I think he will have a great season. By the second half last night he found his groove and was consistently driving his opponents back a number of yards. Number 68, by the way, was Jay's high school number, so it's pretty neat to hear them call another Di Silvestri by that number over the loudspeaker.

Welcome to fall--we are definitely fans!


Jen Savard said...

WOOHOO! Bring on the most wonderful time of the year! As you know we are all the sports but football is a favorite. We haven't found out yet if Jeff is A team or B, hopefully next week. It's a little different playing for the school, especially the 6am practices!
By the way-Hannah is DRIVING!!

nicole said...

I love to watch football, but will admit that it is fine with me if my boys never play! One of my sons is really small for his age and I would just be nervous. We are a baseball family.