Monday, April 19, 2010

Thanks Be To God

I just got the results of my PET/CT, bone and heart scans, and they could hardly be better. I am actually in shock, as I was prepared mentally for, really, anything.

There is no longer a breast mass of any kind--previously cancerous tissue is indistinguishable from healthy tissue. The bones are no longer active at all and present as "treated", showing only scarring from where the cancer used to be. The liver spots can hardly be seen and are not active at all. Nothing in these three areas is measurable.

The only remaining trouble spots are on two lymph nodes, both of whose tumors are now measured by millimeters rather than centimeters and are no longer active.

Folks, we are on our way to that NED party! Four months ago I didn't actually believe that could ever happen, but I'm a believer now. Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers throughout (and please don't let up yet!).

Oh, and for all you financiers out there, I might look into a "buy" on Immunogen and/or Genentech stock, because this drug is, clearly, amazing. How blessed I am to have access to it.


nutmeg said...

Wow, Suzanne! What a miracle...

Praise God, indeed!

Elizabeth Foss said...

Oh, hooray, hooray! Praise God for miracles and for all the hope you are offering to other women. Suzanne, I'm so happy happy happy for your family--they've been given the great gift of time with you and you are such a blessing.

Anonymous said...


I cannot tell you how thrilling this is! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You ARE a miracle, this is so wonderful!!
LOVE to you!!!
Jen (Terry/Johnson)

bkuzimthemommy said...

WONDERFUL NEWS! I am so happy for you and your family :)

Tina said...

WOW! I am absolutely speechless and extremely grateful for the great news. It rained in my office - which explains the water on my face. Much Love to you.

Sarah McCormick said...

Dear Suzanne,
I am so happy right know!!!!
This is wonderful news!!!!!
With God all things are possible.
Lots of love sent your way,
Sarah McCormick

Miss you

Shannon Akina said...

This is indeed a miracle. Your thoughts and prayers will still be with my family and I. I know you will beat this totally because you don't give up.

Emily Aoun said...

I can't stop crying happy tears for you right now!! I am just so happy for you! Thank God for this great miracle!! Give Bella a big, huge hug for me! ;)

momgainer said...

I knew it, just knew it! Cancer cannot outsmart you!! Suzanne, this is so wonderful and I'm so happy all the prayers have been answered. God was truly on your side. I'm so happy for all of you and I will keep the prayers coming!! Much love and happiness, Kristin. Love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing news!
I am overjoyed for you and your family.
May God continue to shower his blessings upon you.
Janessa Vogenthaler

nicole said...

Praise God! :)

Annie Bizzi said...

I'm saving for another plane ticket as we speak!

God is great!

Anonymous said...

The last time I was this happy was Sept. 14, 1971. Both times had to do with your life and both were miracles For both and all the time in between, I give thanks to God.
love Mom

Loretta said...


The Purnells said...

Great to hear!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne - for you and your family, I could not be happier or more relieved. For the far too many women that will face this fear in the future - I am so grateful for the chance and risk you took in this study. You have not just saved you - but no doubt, many others. Thank you, Suzanne.
hugs - Tracey

annalisa said...

wooooooow!!!!! Hope springs! Suzanne, I have to say that I was even more moved by your serene state of being last Saturday BEFORE you knew the results. That peaceful, staring at God and saying "not my will but yours" is what I need to remind myself of everyday. Thank you God! You are a warrior Suzanne. God Bless you and all of your sweet ones that heaven has entrusted to you.

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Michelle said...

I am thrilled for you. What wonderful news. Will continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this news!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!! -AO