Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Buying A New Vacation Home

Unfortunately, it's not for us. It's for our orthodontist, who began treatment today on our second of many children with teeth alignment issues. We'll be paying Dr. Buckley for many, many years and can only hope he chooses something with a nice ocean view as a tribute to the family that helped him obtain it!

Seriously, Dr. Buckley is a very nice man, super generous to the community, the first to sponsor his patients' sports teams and various endeavors, active in his parish and in the Knights of Columbus with Jay, so if we have to give it to someone, I'm glad it's him. And, our insurance pays nearly half so it isn't as bad as it could be. But my kids had better take care of those teeth--every time they smile I see dollar signs!

Lucky Joey has the best teeth in the family (no cavities, ever, and no orthodontic treatment required as of yet--maybe something minor later, but so far so good). Lindsey is done with phase one and is looking lovely. Sam begins next week with the medieval stretching torture device that will make his jaw big enough to accomodate his giant man-teeth. Julia hasn't even lost a tooth yet and she can take her time...we are on a one child at a time treatment plan here.

Well, here we go again. Here's to wires, bands, brackets and children who won't truly appreciate our sactifice for many years to come. Yippee!

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KatieGirl said...

I think we have sent my Pediatrician around the world. We are not as good of customers as we used to be. I have gotten better at waiting things out and recognizing virus vs. bacterial. We need to find an orthodontist next and fund his or her vacation fund soon. How is that beautiful baby? I am getting excited and nervous about mine.