Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thumbody's Grateful

This is Lindsey's thumb about 30 minutes after it was jammed by a softball tonight at her team practice.

My cell phone camera did not do this injury justice. By the time she saw the doctor (another 30 minutes after this shot) it was nearly completely black and totally swollen out of shape.

My poor girl. She was screaming and wailing so loudly that everyone in the urgent care was quite unsettled. It is awful to see your child in so much pain.

Now, several hours after the fact, she is sleeping peacefully and is expected to be playing softball again next week. Diagnosis: a minor crack near the top of the bone (not at the joint, so it is not a big deal) and a nail that is sure to be lost. Once they relieved the pressure from under her nail, she felt better right away and should heal quickly.

In the aftermath of this, I am left feeling nothing but grateful for all this experience has reminded me that we have.

How lucky are we that there is an urgent care--with an on-site X-Ray--only a mile or so from the softball field, and that I was able to get Lindsey there within minutes of her injury? How happy am I that I was nearby when it happened, as I am so often not at the field with my kids during their practices? (I have kids practicing at 3 different fields all at the same time on Wednesdays...)

Fortunate was Lindsey that this was an injury to her thumb and not her skull or torso. Lucky was I that my mom was already with two of my kids and could run right over to watch the others for me.

What I am most thankful for, however, is our fabulous health insurance. Lindsey received medication, an X-Ray, a Lydocaine shot, a triple-puncture procedure to her nail, a pressure bandage and antibiotics, and it cost me $17. I thought a lot tonight about all the people without good health coverage or who don't have access to good health care facilities. We are so very fortunate to have this benefit and I will never, ever take it for granted. Tonight when my daughter was sobbing, "Make it stop!" I was able to do so within an hour and at barely any cost. There are many parents who can't do this for their children and I am so very sorry about this.

And Lindsey? She is grateful that she didn't have to do her homework tonight and that she got a milkshake on our way home.


Bianca said...

ohhh so sorry to hear about Lindsey. I am sure as a mom it is the hardest thing to see your child in pain and not be able to fix it. What a reality check though to be able to step outside of that focus and meditate on the fact that so many people don't have that same kind of insurance.

Jen said...

As you know this is only the beginning. Jeff was in the ER 4 x's last summer. I thiught I deserved my own parking space! I hear you on insurance. When Jason had his accident I had to pay $100 for being out of network, 2 weeks after he got home I received a $50 check because I had remembered to let them know within 24 hrs! A week later I received an itemized copy, no payment req.) of the bill......just over a million. I never did deposit that $50 check!

Jennifer HInojosa said...

Amen to good health insurance. Santi had tonsils and adnoids removed, and tubes put in both ears for $5, which was the cost of the medication. Milkshakes sure work, too!

Anonymous said...

Suz, you are so thoughtful. To be able to take a step back and relect on how the stars were all aligned that day and to acknowledge and appreciate your health insurance (and simultaneously feel for those that are not so lucky) all in the face of your poor Lindsey's pain. Wow, extraordinary! I hope Lindsey is back in the game soon!
Renee Bertenthal