Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's What's For Dinner

I have been cooking a lot lately. More than I ever have. We're talking 5 or 6 nights a week of homecooked food where, normally, I only pull off 1 or 2 and fill in the rest with fluff. Now that most of the kids are in school I have learned to use my mornings effectively in preparing dinner so all I have to do is heat or serve at the witching hour. I am feeling quite accomplished!

This week I was doing my now-usual Monday morning meal and grocery planning and asked the kids if they had any requests for dinner. Their response was unanimous and emphatic: nothing home cooked!

Please, they begged pathetically, couldn't we just have some of the things we used to eat, like frozen lasagna from Costco or boxed Macaroni and Cheese? No homemade chili or soup, no kind of saucy chicken dish over rice or pasta and most certainly no more beef stew or pot roast!

These poor, deprived kids. All this time I thought I was doing right by my family by serving them nutritious, home cooked meals. Little did I know I was actually torturing them.

OK, family (Jay excluded, of course). I hear you. This week I will take the week off and you will have your Macaroni and Cheese. You will have your frozen lasagna. And I will enjoy my break. But be warned...I'll be back!

(Perhaps this time, however, I will phase in the home cooking gradually so as not to cause the culture shock I have clearly invoked.)


vito said...

Isn't strange to hear the kids begging for frozen pizza and Panda Express when I've slaved all day over a delicious (healthy) meal!

nicole said...

Good for you for having the energy and desire to cook. Your kids will eventually appreciate it, even if it takes some time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what comment I want to leave since I'm one of those also slaving over 5-6 home cooked meals a week. Some are hits and some are huge misses but there is always some sort of food item on the table for dinner. I applaud your efforts at this stage in your pregnancy. Is this the nesting stage? While you have the energy and planning bug, what about making cookie dough and freezing it for that weekend after Thanksgiving.

Love, Tina