Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I just returned from a peaceful, reflective, three-day silent (OK, sort of silent) retreat.

I know, I know, Hawaii and a retreat in the same sounds selfish, even to me! But, as Jay so eloquently put it, "Hey, if I don't mind, why should anyone else?!" He certainly did encourage me to go and, although I resisted a bit (only a little bit, mind you), I am so glad I did.

As were the other retreats I have been on, this was offered through Opus Dei. It was a harmonious blend of meditations, talks, mass, reading time and, of course, lots of naps. Throw in a few rosaries, daily benediction and a wonderful, long-time friend for a roommate to chat with in the evening (hey, it was mostly spiritual chatting!) and I was completely happy.

In the past, I have retreated in Northern California, but this time I went to beautiful Thomas Aquinas College in Ojai/Santa Paula, just over an hour from my house. What a beautiful, Catholic college! Just walking the campus felt reverent to me.

While there, I read a book exactly right for where I am in my faith right now (check it out here), and I had a chance to receive some in-depth spiritual direction from a truly wonderful priest.

To those of you who are too busy in the trenches, can't figure out how to get away, I have this advice for you: FIGURE IT OUT. Take a retreat. Reconnect with God. Where there is a will there is a way!

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nutmeg said...

That's my Alma Mater! Isn't it heavenly?

Glad you had a well-deserved break.