Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pure Joy

For me, total happiness is looking out into the backyard and seeing my family busy and happy on a Sunday afternoon. Gobs of children running around and laughing, my husband carrying tools from here to there, even the dog joyfully galloping amidst all the activity beats any other view I can imagine having from my kitchen sink.

Here is just a sampling of what I saw today:

1. Jay working on building my raised garden beds, carefully and patiently letting Tony help with even some of the funnest and loudest tools.

2. Lindsey, Sam, Julia and Joey playing tug-o-war with an old jump rope until they collapsed in a giggling mass on the lawn.

3. Sam leading "Simon Says" with Julia and Lindsey as willing participants in his completely ridiculous requests.

4. Joey and Sam wrestling like brothers should within the relatively safe confines of the trampoline net.

5. All the children taking turns being the sled dog for another child who rolled along behind, barking orders to go faster and faster.

6. Julia, going around and around the natural race track made by the swimming pool, honing her new two wheel bike skills.

7. An enthusiastic game of kickball.

8. All the kids trying their hand at the new multi-purpose ramp Jay threw together with the scraps from his project.

Nothing in the world could be more beautiful to me. I happily worked at my sink, with Isabella babbling along beside me, and could see every member of my immediate family. Everyone healthy, safe, happy, together. These snapshots are mine to view but for a brief moment in time...but the images will be forever in my mind.

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Annie Bizzi said...

Makes me smile...