Thursday, April 03, 2008

Almost, But Not Quite

Julia (as she watches a pickup truck packed with children pass by) : Wow! Do they have more kids than US?

Me: No, honey, that's a baseball team.


Jennifer HInojosa said...

Suz- this one made me laugh out loud!
I am dating a very nice man from Wisconsin who has 2 kids. So, when we are together on the weekend there are 5 of us- instant big family. We are talking marriage and two more kids together so I read your blog now with even more interest to get a taste of what it would be like to have 5!!! I think it is great!

Annie Bizzi said...

Julia and Sal are two peas in a pod...Sal asked me last week if I would "get" him a sister because he really needs one for our family!

Jen Savard said...

Pretty soon you won't have to worry about your kids being on different baseball can just start your own!

KatieGirl said...

My parents wanted a baseball team but they got a late start. The had seven of us so I guess they made a good showing and didn't embarass themselves. I love it. I can't believe how big your darlings are all getting.