Monday, March 17, 2008

Total Fluff

I got a new purse today!

This is big news, as I have not bought a purse in about 6 years. I am not a big bag switcher, so it is quite a banner event when I do.

The best part? I had been looking at this bag for a few weeks, but couldn't decide whether to take the plunge. Today when I happened by, it was 25% off plus an additional 20% off that. I would have been a fool if I had passed it by.

Well, I've gotta run now and "move in" to my new purse. What total, girly fun!


Anonymous said...

Happy moving day!!! I can't wait to see it. Speaking of... we really need to work out a visit. Becca keeps asking and I don't have an answer for her.


Annie Bizzi said...

What a coincidence--I just bought a new bag on Saturday. Because I had my last purse for about as long as you, I chose a Nike mini backpack so I was sure to replace it sooner. (I hope!)