Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happiness Is...

...having two kids on one baseball team. How I love efficiencies!

The kids are doing quite well with baseball, especially since it is the first year playing for both of them. Lindsey, in particular, has a knack for it. During Saturday's game, the coach for the opposing team approached me and asked if I would consider allowing her to play on his team in the farm division (right now she is in coach pitch).

You know what I said, right? NO WAY! I've got two kids on one team, which means practice and games in common. That is worth more than gold in my world. Sorry, Lindsey. Maybe next year.

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Michelle said...

My #3 starts baseball this year. She's on the same team as #2, thank you, Lord. Last year #1 and #2 were on the same teams, and it was awesome.