Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isabella

One year ago today we met you for the first time, but it seems as if we've known you forever. You came into our family as if there had never been a time when you weren't here. The joy you bring to us all is immeasurable!

* * *

We celebrated Isabella's birthday at the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry, the place where you can find us every Friday during Lent. Isabella is the first of our children to be born in our not-so-new-anymore community, so it seemed only fitting to celebrate her in the midst of it. I'm very glad we did!

This is only the second time I've had a child reach his or her first birthday without already knowing another baby was on the way. Perhaps for this reason, I am feeling the loss of her babyhood very acutely. The year seems to have flown by and already I cannot remember how she was when she was tiny. This is compounded by her impending weaning--I am going away for three nights this upcoming weekend, which will bring a natural close to her nursing. It is the great irony of a mother's life that we get through the most difficult days of babyhood by reassuring ourselves that it will someday end. Yet, when it does indeed end we long to turn back the clock. How important it is to live in the moment with our young children, because there aren't nearly enough of those moments to last a lifetime.

* * *

Happy 1st birthday, my baby-no-more. I am so very glad you are here! Though I may be sad to see my baby disappear, I am more than compensated by the delight of knowing the toddler that has taken her place.


Annie Bizzi said...

Happy, happy birthday Isabella! It seems like just yesterday your sniffly little body was connected to your mamma's chest--I can't believe you're a year old!

We miss you--
The grand finales

Maude said...

I first stumbled upon your blog when you were in labor with Isabella. The year has flown by! Happy Birthday, Isabella!