Sunday, July 01, 2007

12 Years

Who knew 12 years ago today when I married Jay that I would love him more now than I did on that perfect, wonderful day? I didn't, because I didn't think it was possible. But, as it turns out, I do.

Because, 12 years ago, I did not know what an amazing father he would be. With the birth of each child, my wonder at his fathering abilities increases. I am grateful beyond words that God chose this man to be daddy to my children. For he is far more than their provider. He is their role model, their companion and playmate, their security and their beacon...much as he is all of these things and more to me.

12 years ago, I did not know how his devotion to God would grow, and how that would become the pillar of strength that keeps our family so strong and happy.

I did not know then, as I do now, how hard he would work to provide well for his family, both at his job and around the house. I did not know how unflappable and reassuring he would be when life threw unexpected curves our way.

How could I have known that he would put the needs of all of his dependents in front of his own? I hoped, but could not be sure, that he would still tell me he loves me every day. And he does.

12 years later, he is still taking out the garbage, agreeably eating whatever I cook and putting up with my eccentricities. Not to mention changing diapers, mowing the lawn and assembling whatever random thing enters the house. It is in these little day to day things, done willingly and with good cheer, that I feel his love most of all. Lucky, lucky me. Lucky ALL of us.

Happy anniversary, Jay.


Maude said...

Happy anniversary! I'm happy for you and your hubby :)

Lori said...

And I remember (even longer than 12 years ago) when he held my new child at arms length, not exactly sure what it was he was supposed to do with him, looking as if he got too close, he might catch something !!! - And did he ever !!! Happy Anniversary guys - I was honored to be a part of that special day and am so lucky still to be a part of your lives today. I love you ALL ! xo

Jay said...

12 years ago, I had no idea that the beautiful girl I was proud to marry would make me so happy in so many ways. Sweetie, I love you so much. When I see you with the kids, or at church, or choir, or the school board or any of the many things you do, I am amazed. How could I have known that you would be such a good Wife and Mom?

You work tirelessly to keep our family running, and it pays off. The kids are doing great, and we are happy because of the hard work you do. Most importantly, as Father Joe told me all those years ago, you are my path to God. He has given us to each other, so that we can grow in our love for each other, and ultimately our love for him.

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for marrying me, I can’t imagine my life without you.
(Your Husband Jay)

Annie Bizzi said...

Wow! I am not sure who the lucky one is now! I am so blessed to be able to share (read) in your blessings of a wonderful family! You are both truly inspiring... such witnesses to God's love for us all.