Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yes, Moms and Dads are Different

As if I needed another reminder of this fact, I received one when I picked up the kids from school yesterday.

Jay uses my car to drop the kids off in the morning. I love that he takes them to school almost every day, as Joey and I can get right to our homeschooling day. As a bonus, he takes Tony the toddler and Trooper the puppy along for the ride so I can have about 45 minutes of peace to get the day started right.

When I get in my car to pick up the kids in the afternoon, I always turn on Dr. Laura. I enjoy listening to her for the 20 minutes it takes me to get to the school. Then, once the kids are in the car, we usually talk for awhile and then I put on a CD, Disney favorites or something like that.

The kids were bickering so much on the way home yesterday, that I decided to drown them out and end it all by turning up the music really loud. I flipped to CD mode and turned to song 2, as I knew the Disney CD was in from our last drive and that they all like that song.

Instead of the "Mulan" song I expected, Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" came blaring out of the speakers. I didn't even know we had that CD. But, to my surprise, the kids did. Sam shouted, over the chorus of general approval, "Turn it up, I LOVE this song!". He is 5.

I said, "How do you even KNOW this song?" and he informed me that daddy plays it real loud, as he bounces them over the dirt road shortcut on the way to school in the morning. Apparently, car time with daddy is a little different than car time with mom.

Other selections include The Who, The Clash, The Ramones, and Johnny Cash, among others.

I'm half horrified and half proud. Some of this, after all, is really good music and I support the kids having exposure to many types of culture (with definite limits, of course). But the lyrics? Hmm. Jay assures me he selects the songs carefully according to their content. OK, then.

So, I'm really not complaining. I'm just saying...we're different.


Qtpies7 said...

That sounds just like us. Everyone prefers riding with dad because he lets them listen to music, lol. I hate music most of the time, and certainly the stuff they listen to! And I hate LOUD music.

We're sooo very different!

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Jen Savard said...

Oh Suzanne.....I remember when you listened to "that music" too! I seem to remember receiving a birthday gift from you back in the eary 80's of questionable values!! But we do grow and change, and things are different because they are now OUR children. Hannah was listening to a song that had some questionable content on the radio and I, yes me, didn't approve. Jason very quickly reminded me what I was listening to at that age, which I replied this is soooo different!! Wait until they are teens my friend!

Michelle said...

Currently my kids love the song about the devil and Johnny who played for a golden fiddle against his soul (Devil went down to Georgia, maybe?). We do have a CD wiht a mix of music from Johhny Cash to Offspring (although I frequently skip those few songs by Offspring for content, at least the language isn't too bad). Bill and I have debated this from Day 1. He thinks the kids should be exposed to all sorts of music, especially misic he likes, and I've been adamant about restricting content and language.

Of course, I gleefully sang lyrics to music from the 1950s...Wake Up Little Susie...other similar songs. I had no clue what I was singing about.

nutmeg said...

Have you not heard about our obsession with BNL?

Ok, you have.

My kids will drag any/all instruments: pots, pans, spoons, buckets, etc. And we'll have a rockin' BNL fest right in our livingroom somedays.

Favorite song? "Shoebox" about a 17 yr. old who is having an affair with an older woman who doesn't know he's 17. Lovely, eh? But they have no idea and think the name of the song is "shoopah".

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

Thanks, all, for sharing--glad to know mine aren't the only kids listening to over-their-head-yet-inappropriate music! I feel much better. :-)

Maude said...

LOL! My older son was never into music. I'd play all sorts of children's music cd's, but he mostly just tolerated them. Occasionally he'd get hooked on a song we sang in church and ask me to play a Zoe cd. But now that he's discovered Johnny Cash, oh my goodness!! I've found I have a music crazy 4-year-old dancing machine!