Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guest Post

This post is brought to you by Suzanne's husband Jay. Suz is in no state to blog and I keep telling her that she needs to update all the people who are waiting for news. So, here's the deal. It is 3:36 right now and we have been in the delivery room for 27 hours. After some false starts, it looks like she is going to achieve liftoff in the next few hours. The contractions are just a few minutes apart, and the baby seems healthy. A special thank you to the baby's grandparents. Marilyn and Ruth have been running our home and shuttling the kids to school, gymnastics and the doctor. My Mom has Joe and our dog, and my dad and Carmen have been calling/praying non stop.

Here is a picture of Suz taken completely against her will. We'll keep you posted as events progress.


Just a nonsensical girl said...

So excited to have a post by proxy!!! I spoke with Marilyn yesterday, anxious to hear that Baby D had made her way safe into the world, but alas...nothing as of last pm.

I am glad to hear all is progressing...not as quickly as I am sure you'd like, but progressing nonetheless..CANNOT wait to see her beautiful face!

All our thoughts are with you..and your families...kudos to the grandparents!!

Anonymous said...

Jay and Suz,

Thanks Jay for the update!! Nice to see Suz's radiant face. My blessings are with you both as you welcome baby #6. Please keep us (your world of friends) posted.

Anne Clark

Lori said...

So does this mean that pound box of Sees candy remains unopen for 40 more days?! Or do you get some sort of special dispensation because you were in labor the entire day and missed Fat Tuesday?!
Thanks for the update Jay, I was getting a little worried when the phone wasn't ringing.
Hugs and Kisses to you both

Jen Savard said...

Thank-you so much for the update. I have been anxiously awaiting for some news. Y'know I can always eat that box of chocolate for you!
Love ya both and can't wait to hear that all is well.
Love Jen

maura said...

I have been thinking about you guys so much. I'll be that baby is here now. My prayers are with you.

maura said...
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