Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Graduate

Before I begin the official travel log, I couldn't resist posting a photo of Sam, my preschool graduate, because he is just so incredibly cute (says his proud mother).

We attended his graduation, car packed and ready to go, with plans to hit the road immediately after. It was 100 degrees in the shade, no joke, so I can't say it was altogether pleasant, but the kids looked great, there was a good band and some yummy food, so it turned out just fine. I instructed the children to eat as much they possibly could so no one would be hungry or thirsty 10 minutes after departure. Naturally, this backfired, as the bathroom requests started a mere 30 minutes in. But you can't blame a mother for trying, right?

Julia, though not actually graduating, also got to wear a cap and gown. Turns out, she looked pretty good herself. Graduates wore red, and not-yet-but-somedays wore white.

Welcome to Kindergarten, Sam. Sacred Heart, brace yourself!

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antonia said...

aww! They are very adorable! Congrats to Sam!!