Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Date That Wasn't

Sonia, our regular Monday night babysitter, encouraged me to take an evening out with Jay last night. Normally I use my Monday nights to have rotating "fun nights" with each of my older kids, where I take just one of them out to do something fun, like a movie or miniature golf. But it had been awhile since just Jay and I had gone out, so I happily agreed.

Monday nights are Jay's night to go to his Opus Dei circle in Los Angeles, so we decided I would drive down with him, go the nearby mall (all by myself, can you imagine!) while he was in his circle and then we would go out for dinner afterward. It sounded great to me, great enough that I peeled myself off the couch and changed my shirt in preparation, no small thing for me these days.

Now, up to this point it had not been a good day for me physically. As is par for the course these days, I was nauseous for most of the day. But if I am careful about eating small meals nearly constantly, I can usually hold it together. After all, I am a pro at this by now. I have spent more than a collective year in the throws of all-day pregnancy sickness and I have learned a strategy or two for how to deal with it. So I optimistically exited the house for a date with my husband.

About a half hour into the drive, I started thinking it might have been a mistake. Normally, Jay and I love driving together. To us, that is the best part about doing anything. We get to talk, uninterrupted, about all sorts of things. Problem was, I was so sick to my stomach that I couldn't open my mouth.

We eventually arrived at the home of Jay's friend Paul, where his circle was to be held. It is a beautiful home, in an elegant gated community. I dropped him off in front of the house in our dusty minivan, knowing I needed to get away quickly. Well, it wasn't quick enough. I made it just to the gate house and threw up. Someone coming in stopped and stared at the wretching lady in the dirty van and I was sure that security was on its way to evict me and humiliate Jay. So, I attempted to drive on, clutching the bag and reaching desperately for napkins. It was a low moment.

I felt briefly better, so I drove on to the mall. I entered the food court, experienced another wave of nausea and hurried to eat before I lost it all again. So, our nice dinner out was me eating Hibachi-san Teppenyaki from the food court all by myself. I was right next to a Borders bookstore, so I thought I could just run in and get a magazine, but I was too sick to even do that. I just sat in the food court, unable to move, for an hour.

Jay caught a ride to the mall, had an uninspired food court dinner of his own, and home we drove, with me asleep. Sorry, Jay. Not our best date, to be sure. Let's try again soon!

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