Saturday, April 18, 2015

Further Proof Kids Are Worth Having

When I picked the kids up from school a few days ago, Natalie had something to tell me.

"Mom," she said.  "We finished Family Life today."

Family life, in Catholic Schools, is a euphamism for the facts of life.  It starts out quite simply in the early grades, but gets more complicated as the kids get older.  In 5th grade the truths of the body come out, and from there it gets to bigger issues that kids need to know and some parents are reluctant to talk about.  I have seen the materials and have no problem with the program or how it is presented, and none of my kids have had anything to say about it at any level.  We talk about most of these things at home before they get to them in school, and I like that it is taught from a purely Catholic perspective and focuses on building faithful, happy families.

Given that Natalie is in first grade, I couldn't imagine she heard anything she couldn't handle, but I could tell that something was bothering her.

She began to explain that there was a section on vocations and everyone had to check a box next to what they think might be their vocation as adults.  The list included being married, discovering a religious vocation, etc.

With complete dismay, she went on, "There was no box for 'I want to stay home with my mommy',  so I had to check the 'become a religious sister' box."

How sweet it is to be loved by Natalie.

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