Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Question from Natalie

"Why am I last?" mourned Natalie about her position in the family.

"That's the way God planned it," I answered.

"Well, then.  Why can't I be God?" she demanded.

Why not?!  That was a question I had never myself considered.  A question only Natalie could ask.  I tried to give her a good answer, really I did.  But how can I explain in preschool terms the everlasting nature of God, how he created her out of love to be exactly the person she is supposed to be?  At 7am, I just stuttered unintelligently   By the time I had an idea of what I was going to say, she was gone, off to the next thing.

Apparently, we have quite a bit of catechism and apologetics still to get through...for both of us!


elisa said...

Ah, but dear Natalie, the last shall be first.

elisa said...

espothe k10

elisa said...


Anonymous said...

Because God wanted Natalie's parents to train on six other kids before he would trust them with his precious Natalie!