Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Update on Our Miracle

I say "our miracle" very specifically because it belongs to us all.  To all who have helped me through these past two and a half years, all who have prayed for me incessantly and continue to do so even now, and most especially to my family who still have a mother against all odds.  God is so good.

I got my latest PET/CT scan results back yesterday and there was plenty of good news there.  All major organs clear, brain clear, no sign of original tumor.  Nothing life threatening at all.  The only small fly in the ointment is continued and intense activity in the left lateral rib and T9 vertebrae (which could be indicative of healing as I am taking a new bone strengthening cancer drug called Xgeva) and one new spot on my right femur.  My oncologist was pleased with the report and so am I.  The bones may hurt, but they won't kill me.  As long as it stays put things are looking good.

I continue to contend with various and ever-present side effects from the many medications I am on, but I can live (and pretty well, too) with these things.

Jay's friend, a neurologist, commented recently to him that in his entire career he has never seen anyone bounce back from brain mets like I have.  That was wonderful to hear.

Thanks to all of you who are very much on this journey with me daily.


Nicole said...

Such great news Suzanne! God is good, prayer is good and life sure as heck is good! You are a strong and amazing person and keep pushing through all these obstacles you face. God Bless you!

Nicole Q.

nicole said...

Beautiful news! Thanks for updating us.

Anonymous said...

Awesome is an understatement. You are so amazing My Friend. Think about you every day!- Love Jen (TerryJohnson)

Anonymous said...

Suzanne -
Such amazing news! You continue to inspire me and I am sure so many around you, not just with your "miracle" but your spirit and will. I crave these updates and so happy when I read such great news.

Always in my thoughts!

Liz said...

Praying the Don Alvaro prayer card for you now.


Allaire said...

So much to be grateful for! Lots of love! I am thankful to be a tiny part of the miracle!