Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Miss I Can Do It

It's official:  all the kids can swim now.  What a relief!  Clearly, they still need to be watched while in the pool, but the years of having a baby or toddler on the loose who would immediately sink if dropped in are officially behind me.  Yippee!

Enjoy this video of Natalie's newly minted swimming skills, along with the running "me too" commentary from big brother and sister Tony and Bella, along with some comments from mom along the way.


Emily Aoun said...

AWESOME!!! Can she teach my five chickens???

anna lisa said...

So sweet! Just caught up with you guys after all the crazy, crazy of birthdays, graduations, (and more)Nice to hear your voice too. Can you imagine if you weren't so distracted by so much sweetness? Take THAT cancer! Praying, and not cowering in front of that caner-beast. Ha!

anna lisa said...

Man I'm lame. That came out wrong! Praying to GOD, and kicking Cancer's you-know-what!!!LOL