Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's A Good News/Bad News Kind of Thing

The good news: my hair is making a real effort to grow back. Besides the wispy hairs busy sprouting here and there, it is rapidly growing itself a serious patch of real hair all in one place.

The bad news: it seems to think that the year is 1985 and is distinctly and determinedly growing itself from the base of the skull into a...mullet.

Seriously. Who could make this stuff up?

And what, pray tell, am I to do with this rebel hair growth? Allow and encourage it until I look like Billy Ray Cyrus, or take charge of that hair and let it know in no uncertain terms that until it decides to favor the entire head, it is simply not going to be allowed to continue. I must admit, I am unsure.

Ah, well. Just thought I'd share another item for you to file in your "things you never knew cancer patients had to think about" folder.


Anonymous said...

Be a trend setter ... bring the mullet back!!

Kerry said...

That is so awesome,in a way. Looove Billy ray! Rock that business in the front, party in the back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
After being disconnected from the computer for several days, I am happy to return to find that you are feeling better this week and get to go on your cruise. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you have a great time! -AO
P.S. Loved this post, thanks for making me smile!

Debbi said...

Oh my gosh....so funny
This is the second time this morning I have read about the "muller" when your hair starts growing back....
File this under info ...Debbi after chemo is Billy Ray time.. (love him)

Allaire said...

You are so beautiful no matter what!
You are an amazing writer, mother, survivor, wife and so much more!
Rock the "do."
Healing prayers as always.

4rx said...

Well keep writing and fighting against your disease. Good luck.