Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plugging Along

Just a note to let you know I am still here, taking things one day at a time.

I have been unbelievably blessed to live 18 months as a stage IV cancer patient with very few side effects from treatment, a good response, and maintenance of a normal life as long as I have been able to do this. So many are not as lucky as I have been thus far.

It was inevitable that I would eventually become a real cancer patient, with real effects from treatment, and that is where I am at least for now. As it turns out, when they shoot megawatts of radiation directly into your brain for days on end, things stop behaving perfectly in your body. But as long as those cancer cells are dying, we are good with this.

So for now, I am bald, remarkably bloated, totally fatigued, covered from head to toe with an itchy rash and slightly on this "sloooooow" side (which, is an oddly refreshing break from trying to be on top of things all the time), but am so hopeful that this shall pass into a successfully treated round of brain mets in a few months and that things will improve across the board.

In the meanwhile, what a blessing meals, help with kids, and people keeping me company through all of this has been. It's really, truly, not. that. bad. I can do this! And you are all helping me to do so with great cheer. God bless you all!


antonia said...

praying for you


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting...I've been thinking of you everyday and wondering. Saying prayers. Love, Maura

Cecilia Marie Sanders said...

Anything anything anything I could do to help drive you to appointments ... whatever you need - if you feel like you can handle a massage just let me know hands feet lower back please do not hesitate ---PRAYING for YOU you can do it (JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME) From your Port Buddy

"Mayor" Allaire said...

Prayers from everybody for you, Suzanne. Even people in the park are praying for you, random strangers, positive healing energy to you. Your courage, bravery, spirit and attitude inspire.

Katie said...

Thanks for posting. Praying for you every day, my friend.

xlpharmacy said...

Well is a nice gesture from your part to share your experience. I hope you can get better.