Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy News in the Happiest Place on Earth

I just returned from two days at Disneyland with Sam. We had such a nice time, just the two of us.

Sam is a very low-maintenance kid. He is not a complainer, is very independent, just sort of does his own thing, nearly always happy. As a result, he sometimes gets less attention than the other kids who are, well, just louder and more insistent. We are aware of this and try to reward him for his easy-going nature whenever we can.

When I realized (without him saying a word about it) that the other three older kids all were going someplace fun this summer, Jay and I decided that Sam should have some fun too. I woke him up early on Tuesday with, "Hey, want to go to Disneyland?" I wish I had recorded how his eyes flew open and mouth curled into his handsome Sammy smile, because it was priceless.

Off we went to the crowds and had a great time just hanging out together. Even the lines were a pleasure with Sam as he never complained or asked how much longer. He is a good example of a cheerful person, one I should do a better job of emulating!

At any rate, on the morning of our second day, I got an email from my study nurse (have I mentioned how much I love her? She is so great about giving me information as soon as it comes up...and when you are waiting for test or scan results, every minute seems like an hour). She sent me a copy of my biopsy report that showed that both spots in the right breast are benign. What an unexpected pleasure that was to read!

So what did we do? Had a GIANT ice cream sundae to celebrate, of course! Then we went on California Screamin'. Love that ride.

Incidentally, I still have to have one of the lumps removed for pathological reasons I don't fully understand, but that does not lessen my delight in the results. I am greatly pleased that they are being so cautious with me given my Stage IV diagnosis. Makes me feel like I truly might be "salvageable" as my oncologist said. It's a good place to be.


Emily Aoun said...

Oh that is such WONDERFUL news!! Thank you so much for the update!! I was about to go into full stalker mode! So happy you and Sam were able to spend some quality time together! Sam really is an awesome kid!

Karin McAdams said...

Such a heartwarming blog post! The news is excellent, and your time with Sam seems so special. Reminds me of a time Ian and I celebrated his 12th birthday with a low-budget trip to DC (we lived in North Carolina then). But also reminds me that Toby was a Sam kind of kid whose good nature often went unrewarded. Trips like our recent one to CA are still trying (successfully I think) to make up. I congratulate your sensitivity to the needs of the kid who's not the squeaky wheel.

Anna Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

Praise Him, praise Him all you little children, God is love, God is love...

Anonymous said...

What great news all the way around! And selfishly, I can't wait to see you and hug you so hard I pop that thing out so you don't have to go back in for any surgery. :).

That may be one of the best days I have ever heard anyone have at Disney! Glad you could share it with a special boy.