Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And Now for Some Good News

Yesterday we had Joey's tri-annual IEP review. Every three years the school evaluates the resource children to see how they are doing. They talk to all their teachers, test them to see if they need more or less services, and then make a recommendation to the parents.

Joey's review could not have been more positive. His teachers unilaterally called him hard working, intelligent and kind. All have seen progress this year in his physical writing skills (except spelling which remains atrocious). He is making As and Bs with no resource help whatsoever, so he has been moved to a "monitor" status, which means he is out of resource advisory and will check in with the resource teacher now only periodically or if he needs something.

We are so proud. Just a few years ago we were consumed with worry about our child who was not progressing in school. We would have done anything, paid anything, ransomed anything to hear the news we got yesterday. As a complete bonus, he has turned out to be quite the track star, solidly winning three sprints at his last meet. All this has combined to give him the confidence he was lacking for so long. We are literally watching him blossom and realize the potential we always knew he had.

Happy, happy, happy.


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo Joey! Doing the happy dance here!
Lots of love, Grammy-o

Emily Aoun said...

It is so nice to hear good news!! I saw Joey at the ball field on Saturday and I was blown away by his maturity! He is an awesome big brother!! You and Jay have done a wonderful job!!

Way to go Joey!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It has been so very long that I have read your blog. I am so glad to read a first hand account of your health and family as I get news via my dad that comes from Don so I never know how much is lost in translation. I still am so amazed at your courage as you battle cancer. You are an amazing woman. Much love from Encinitas, Jen (Prosi) Slezak