Sunday, April 17, 2011

Congratulations, Julia!

Julia made her First Holy Communion yesterday. She was a vision in her dress, and the day was a joy for us all. For the first time, we made it through a first communion mass without having to evacuate small children to the crying room, so I'd say it was an unqualified success!

As this day fell on the weekend between two weeks of daily radiation treatment that have me spending more time with doctors than with my family, I was simply grateful that we were all together.

Julia, may you never stray from the Holy Eucharist, which will always be your source of grace and strength. Congratulations!


Emily Aoun said...

Congrats to Julia!! She looked like a beautiful princess! God bless you all!

kizza marie said...

Happy Holy day Julia! You are trully a children of Christ now.

Anonymous said...

She looked so happy when I saw her yesterday. Congratulations to Julia! -AO

Anonymous said...

You both look so beautiful. Congratulations!

Bizz said...

My beautiful Goddaughter!!! Julia, you are such a vision of angelic beauty--congratulations on your first Holy Communion. We send our blessings to you and your family!
the Grand Finales

Anonymous said...

Suzanne -
I continue to be entertained, saddened and touched by your blog. You are an amazing woman and an amazing writer.

Hugs -

"Mayor" Nun for Fun Allaire said...

Happy Easter and what a beautiful first Communion! Continued prayers from the Koslo family in Lake Hughes and right now in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Thinking of you, positive thoughts, energy, healing, wellness, love, comfort and support!