Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is in the Air

It may still be Winter officially, but at our house we ushered in Spring today. Amidst the blossoming trees and warm beams of sunshine could be heard the delighted shouts of my children as they opened the pool for the first time since Fall.

You couldn't pay me enough to get in that unheated water (although I could be convinced to join them in the 99 degree thawing tub). However, seeing my children truly worn out from several hours of hard core swimming? I would pay plenty for that.

I've missed you, sun! Welcome back.

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Anonymous said...

The pool was my FAVORITE place all summer long as a kid! We didn't care if it was a little cold, we just wanted to swim. But I'm with you on the hot tub thing these days... I get cold way to easily to even think about the pool yet!