Saturday, September 04, 2010

Now That's A Friend

This morning was "picture day" for my football players and cheerleaders. They had to be at the field in full uniform by 7am. No, that was not a typo. 7am.

Football players? No problem. Roll out of bed, no fuss, no muss. Cheerleaders are an entirely different story. They require hairdos that match their team. They must have the correct (out of three, mind you) hair bow. They go out with curls. They need hair product.

I am terrible with girl hair. TERRIBLE. This is not a good thing for a mother of 4 girls. When I got the requirements for the girls' hair a few days ago, I panicked. Lindsey had to have her bangs french braided into a high, curled ponytail. Julia's was a little easier, just a high curly pony, but still quite a challenge for someone like me. I was stressing to my neighbor about this and, in typical Robin fashion, she set about solving it for me.

She found our good friend Julie, who has been doing cheer hair for years, and before I knew it Julie and her daughter Alyssia (our long-time babysitter) arrived at our house at 6am this morning armed with curlers and mousse. The result was great hair, unified teams for both girls and a really relived mom (me!). Not to mention how happy my girls were that their hair actually got done correctly!

If I was unsure, before this morning, as to whether or not I had good friends (which, happily, I wasn't), I DEFINITELY know it now. Thanks, ladies.


Jen Savard said...

Not to be rude but I can confirm that you are TERRIBLE with girls hair! Who did your hair for TWO proms.....ME!!! And make-up too! Your friends did an amazing job with the girls hair and you are so lucky to have such great friends close by.

Bianca said...

awww....Robin is a lifesaver and I must say I LOVE the PLATA familia!!! Alyssia is a beautiful young lady and learned from her mother how to be a God-sent and of great service to one another!

Now, of course I must ask, did you take notes so that when the next set of "team hair-dos" comes up you can brave it? Or do you have their number on your speed dial?? LOL

KatieGirl said...

Thank God for friends. Beat the people with the Texas anal rentive hair styles for cheer. Oh well, the girls look beautiful.

Alex thankfully had naturally curly hair and I had the high pony down. We made it thru high school cheer.