Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Who says you don't get any "firsts" with a seventh child? Here is Natalie having her first real bath, and she is the very first of the Di Silvestri children who did not howl and scream all the way through it. In contrast, she seemed to enjoy it very much!

Couldn't resist posting this photo. She is so very precious.


hennagerhappenings said...

she is so precious! She looks like a mini Tony! :-) I am glad you are able to enjoy your firsts with her! :-)

God Bless,

Annie Bizzi said...

She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing--I love her eyes!

KatieGirl said...

Your kids don't look anything like eachother do they? She is lovely. The time is going so fast she is already almost two months old. How is Momma doing?