Sunday, November 23, 2008

Further Evidence I Married the Right Man

He's prepared for anything (as a good Cub Scout leader should be)...

He goes to great lengths to ensure his children have a variety of positive childhood memories...

And, he looks fabulous, even covered in whipped cream!

Thank you, Jay, for being such a wonderful father.

Late Addition from Lindsey: "Make sure you tell them the kids were falling on the ground in laughter and that he got the most pies in the face."
OK, I will!


Jen said...

Well if all the hooten' and hollerin' at Joey's game didn't bring on labor then hopefully your uncontrollable laughter at this event will!!

Pauli said...

Suzanne - I was hoping to gain on you when we had our third a year ago ... but no, still 4 behind in the headcount ;)

Paul here from your senior high school year (yes, the weird Finn) who on occasion travels back to Carp... 19 yars inbetween the previous and the last visits (?)
And you'll find some familiar people there.

All the best,

Paul (theFinn)