Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Guess They Showed Me

What, exactly, I don't know, but clearly they were making a statement of some kind.

We have two cats that have been alive forever and show no signs they will be leaving us anytime soon. They used to be real pets, but, I'm embarrassed to admit, have been demoted over time to garage-dwelling nuisances. The birth of each child knocked them further down the status chain until they reached their current sorry state. We don't abuse them, we just don't give them much attention. This hasn't seemed to bother them. Until now.

Apparently, the cats are tired of their ranking in our family and have given some thought as to the best way to let me know it. I must admit, their methods are compelling, as they certainly have my attention.

For, as I pulled out Isabella's feeding blanket to use at a school board meeting tonight, I found that it was soaked with cat urine. Apparently, they had climbed in the car and left their mark after one of the children had left the door to the van open this afternoon.

Let me tell you, there is little more charming to bring to a school board meeting than a cat-urine soaked blanket and a hungry baby.

I think I'll buy some catnip the next time I'm at the store.


nutmeg said...

I seriously have to set. aside. time. to pet our cat... or else he gets a bladder infection. No joke.

Just what we need, an emotionally needy cat.


Jen Savard said...

Our cats were so upset with their ranking that one of them peed on m brand new Ralph Lauren down comforter! They were very quickily demoted even further down the chain to outside cats. Hannah still think it was Jeffrey but there is no mistaking cat urine. She is lucky we still have them and they weren't demoted to dog food after that.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my goodness, that is so gross! We had a cat who would ALWAYS pee in the dirty clothes hamper. We don't know why. He was a stray again almost as quickly as we took him in as a stray.